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Photography is my passion

Photography has been my passion for over 19 years. I am very fortunate that I am allowed into the lives of others and to be given the role of memory maker and it is a role that I don't take lightly.

There are lots of photographers out there who can take a photograph, and many of them good but what I pride myself on is not just taking a great photo but making an amazing connection with my clients. A great headshot is about connecting with my client, what makes them tick, what warms their heart, what inspires them, pushes them. I want to show who they are as a person through one photo. A family portrait is not just showing how one family smiles but how they interact with each other, how they snuggle, laugh and even cry together.

No matter who I am photographing, I strive to do my very best to show the authentic self and the authentic moment and to leave an impression on my clients and anyone viewing the photos for years to come.

Finding the extraordinary in ordinary places.